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As if things are never complicated enough

Three weeks ago, Ant got a phone call saying the detailers were going to issue orders for his whole class by Friday because after that their money was going to be frozen for a while. Thrilled as we were, we also wondered why the guy didn't just issue ours three weeks earlier. He told us he wanted to write orders for the whole class at once. That he chose to do this now is biting us in the ass.

But we sighed in relief and felt pity for those who wouldn't be getting their orders for an unknown period of time.

Then the week passed and nobody in class had gotten theirs. Then another week passed. One guy received his--he was staying here so that was easy to write orders for.

A couple days ago, Ant brought home a rumor that potentially anyone who hadn't received orders already would be waiting until the start of the next fiscal year, 1 October. Let me clarify. They won't receive orders until 1 October. The soonest they could move after that would be three weeks.

We are now in this category along with about 14,000 other sailors. The only ones exempt are people separating, going to fight the Global War on Terrorism, going to Nuclear School (gotta love the nukes now), or doing military education. The rest of us get to sit tight and be patient.

[As I try to go back to the website that I originally found all of this on, I'm getting 'authorized users only' messages. No idea why.]

There are plus sides. Anthony's in a school so after it finishes in July, he'll be in temporary assignment. This means he has nothing to do and can come home early every day, if he even goes in. Any other time, he'd be on a boat or somewhere else where he'd have a normal job 6 days a week. Also, since we've already allocated money for our summer trip, now we can take it anyway. Maybe even take a train.

It's not so bad but I'm pissed anyway.