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what is the word for this?

when I read, I have an ocd-ish impulse to continue reading all the way through a piece. I hate putting a book down between chapters. If I start reading a cereal box, I don't stop until I've read every bit of text. When I read a form, I'm compelled to read all the fine print. People offering credit cards and other loop hole filled junk dislike this aspect of me. Even when reading mass published books, I find errors. They always jump out at me like they're printed in green or something. Could I be an editor? I tend to only notice grammar/spelling types of things. Not so much poor sentence structure althugh maybe with time that will begin to jump out too. Seems like editing requires both but I only excel at the one. Should I pursue such a career anyway? Right now I edit my friends' work for fun. It really is fun. Plus I get first crack at things which feels fancy.

I really feel like this is my thing but I have no idea how to go about making a living out of it.

le sigh.

Also I'm really good at helping people understand things via metaphor. That is something that I really have no clue how to make money off of. Maybe some sort of tutoring I guess...

it's been so long sine I posted I can't even remember what the last one was about. I'm ok with it, life's been busy here. And now, bed time.