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any post is better than no post

For some reason I really love this although I somehow doubt this kid will remember this happening on his own when he's older. He will remember because everyone will tell him the story over and over again throughout his childhood. Memories sure are weird like that.
Picture found here.

Today we sent out our cats' blood draws. Now, all that's left is to get their flights all set up for Japan. Oh and get those pesky orders. But I've decided if Anthony thinks this actually going to happen, then I may was well. And if it falls through, oh well.

I really want to go to Japan now that it's a possiblity. After many months of pretending like I didn't study Japanese for years, I'm suddenly drawn to it again. I'm playing my kanji game on my DS and I'm watching anime without subs, trying my hand at interpreting. The cobwebs seem to be shaking lose. I love the feeling. I realize I miss school. As much for the learning as for the meeting of most of my closest friends, I often wish I were back. Not single or anything I've never been so happy as with Anthony but it takes me years to make friends and when we move every 1.5 years that makes it rough.

I tried to get us over to our neighbors' house for a superbowl party they had last night.

"But you don't even like football and neither do I."

"Yeeaah" I said, "but if we're ever going to make friends, this is a good way to start."

"What's the point when we're leaving in less than 8 months anyway?"

I turned on the wii and we blew up tanks until halfway through the 3rd quarter of the game, then watched the thrilling end.

I don't know who's more right. We find ourselves sitting around being bored but since I have no good reason to talk to neighbors, I don't. I was never much for randomly stopping by anyone's place. 

I only hope that when we finally stay put somewhere for more than a year, we can start making friends and hanging out with other peoples.

Also, we're totally going to make a dress form out of me tonight. I'm excited.