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Other news

So that job I'm dying for? The one that said, we'll be contacting you by the end of the week?

They never got back to me. I've been obsessively checking my email all weekend. I just sent an email to the president since that's been my point of contact this whole time. And I hate calling people. So. I hope it's just that they're all space cadets and it's not that they decided I wasn't quite 'it.'

I'm so nervous and hopeful.

Also, I have complex cysts in my right ovary. One burst the other day. It was a 9 on the pain scale. Now, every time I have any sort of pelvic sensations (that aren't good) I'm terrified. The common solution is some combination of surgery and hormone therapy (usually via birth control). I'm not excited about that.

I AM EXCITED ABOUT DISNEYWORLD. More news about that as things are finalized. Disney is giving fantastic deals to military members. Free 5 day all inclusive passes to service members. And super cheap deals for dependents. Also sick discounts on rooms at the park. All of this combined with Anthony being out of school for the next 6 weeks means a trip is totally within our abilities.

I haven't been in forever. I haven't even been on a roller coaster in forever. I'm already planning out which rides we have to do at least twice. And lord knows we can't go to Disneyworld without going to Universal Studios. The Hulk ride? Spiderman 3-d? GAH! 

p.s. we might be going to Japan afterall.

So many things on the horizon. I'm loving it.