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Reading out loud.

Usually reading out loud calls to my mind a young classroom and a large illustrated book. Or parents reading to children snuggled in to bed. But now I think of Anthony and me sitting in traffic, taking turns reading to each other. He does all the voices except the main character. We both giggle and ponder and ask questions just like curious children.

On Big Ben (bassist) 's recommendation, I read Interworld while Anthony was underway. It's a young adult novel but a joy to read nonetheless. So I in turn told Anthony to check it out, maybe he'd like it too.

He was laughing within the first pages so I asked him to read aloud to me what got him going.

The only thing about Anthony and books is when he likes a book, he really really likes it. He wants to read it while I'm driving, read it instead of hanging out with company, read it instead of do anything else during his free time. For whatever reason, this irks me. I normally read when in bed and rarely do so at other times.

So when he wanted to read while I drove, I said no and offered a truce. "How about I read it to you, while you drive? You know, like an audio book?"


And so it went.

It fills gaps of time where we get caught waiting. The place we're going to won't open for twenty minutes? That's cool, he can more actively do the other voices. He can do a voice in a few different styles to see which one fits "a voice like sucking mud" best. What does a sulking, mud sucking voice sound like, anyway?

Time flies.

I'm happy, he's happy, our car is filled with giggles and words. I don't know if this would work so well with other books. I tried to read parts of I Am Legend to him but either the writing wasn't very good or he wasn't so interested. It didn't do as much for either of us. I think it was the bad writing. I haven't been so disappointed in a book in a long time. But that's a whole nother story.

I'm wondering if anyone else enjoys reading outloud these days. Try it with friends! Let me know the results.