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Press 1 for more endless button pressing

in my life, one of the (sad) truths of life has been that more weight is given to who you know than what you can actually do. I made friends with other bus drivers before I even applied to be a bus buddy at CU. I was hired at a grocery store mostly because I knew a long time employee. The best qualifications in the world don't help if you don't have someone to put in a word for you.

I felt like this was working against me while I tried to land the indexing job at WordCo. One of the elders and I shared a mutual friend. Beyond that I had nothing, no experience or clearly helpful training. I can type fast and accurately but that only goes so far. I tried to make up for this with enthusiasm for the work at hand but at first that just seemed to make the elders uncomfortable. I guess even they don't go so far as to say they're crazy for indexing. After a month, I was finally in an interview with them, usually a sign that you're home clear so long as you don't eff up. I spent a month after that wondering what went wrong that they chose to go with someone else. The only sticky thing was when they'd asked if I could commit to being with the company two years. I later found out this is an illegal question though I feel that refusing to answer it would be taken as a 'no I might be gone next weekend.'

The time commitment thing has come up more than once in my short life as a military wife. Yes yes everyone loves what our service members do for the nation but they aren't so thrilled to hire the spouses who clearly cannot say, without a doubt, they won't be going anywhere. What bugs me is it's not as if the rest of society has no travel bugs or floaters.

I lied and told him we were supposed to be stationed in Groton for a while. I told the truth when saying, but I can't say--anything can happen. At the time we still thought we'd be leaving for Japan in July; now that's changed. We'll probably be here til November now, which isn't so bad.

I'd been stewing about this missed job opportunity ever since. I'd been trying to get any other job I could find and started volunteering again, if only for something to do. The aforementioned mutual friend had a 70th bday grand gala where I ran into the elder. We chatted for a moment then parted. It was not two weeks after that when my phone rang. Imagine my surprise when a couple weeks ago my phone rings and the ID says 'WordCo.' (I really like to think the two are vaguely related.)

At the end of my rejection phone call, the president had said he'd like to keep me in mind for later in the year but I figured it was an effort to let me down easy. What a good feeling to find out it's true!

So I went to work on Friday and was told I'd probably take home a bit of simple work over the weekend, then do a half day on Monday. I worked 8 hours on Monday and Tuesday and another 6 on Thursday. They put me right to work doing some  indexing and I actually enjoyed doing it.

Yesterday the president called and offered me an official part time job. I worked very hard to not squeal at him, even when he said I had 'proven to be a very good worker and good at the basics of indexing which is, uh, really, all we do, so..' He talks in an amusing way. The pay is slightly less since I'm not freelancing but it's negligible. To think I might make enough to warrant filing taxes is fascinating.

I've never had such a well paying job. I've definitely never had a job I was so at ease with. That we're here later than planned actually works out quite well. We'll be moving around the same time probably that they'll stop needing extra help. Hopefully by then he will have given me a copy of the totally awesome and nerdy program they use and then I can go on to be a freelancer with some awesome prior experience.

Training starts next week. I guess after making me do a couple off the wall indexes, they'd like me to actually know how it all works? This makes me smile.

As if things are never complicated enough

Three weeks ago, Ant got a phone call saying the detailers were going to issue orders for his whole class by Friday because after that their money was going to be frozen for a while. Thrilled as we were, we also wondered why the guy didn't just issue ours three weeks earlier. He told us he wanted to write orders for the whole class at once. That he chose to do this now is biting us in the ass.

But we sighed in relief and felt pity for those who wouldn't be getting their orders for an unknown period of time.

Then the week passed and nobody in class had gotten theirs. Then another week passed. One guy received his--he was staying here so that was easy to write orders for.

A couple days ago, Ant brought home a rumor that potentially anyone who hadn't received orders already would be waiting until the start of the next fiscal year, 1 October. Let me clarify. They won't receive orders until 1 October. The soonest they could move after that would be three weeks.

We are now in this category along with about 14,000 other sailors. The only ones exempt are people separating, going to fight the Global War on Terrorism, going to Nuclear School (gotta love the nukes now), or doing military education. The rest of us get to sit tight and be patient.

[As I try to go back to the website that I originally found all of this on, I'm getting 'authorized users only' messages. No idea why.]

There are plus sides. Anthony's in a school so after it finishes in July, he'll be in temporary assignment. This means he has nothing to do and can come home early every day, if he even goes in. Any other time, he'd be on a boat or somewhere else where he'd have a normal job 6 days a week. Also, since we've already allocated money for our summer trip, now we can take it anyway. Maybe even take a train.

It's not so bad but I'm pissed anyway.


Writer's Block: Life Changes

What change have you made in your life that you're most proud of?
I've stopped apologizing unnecessarily. This causes me to really think about my responses and reactions in certain situations, which is good. Instead of saying 'oh I'm sorry' I come up with more interesting things. I can't think of an example just yet.
It's the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. What season do you want it to be where you live?

what is the word for this?

when I read, I have an ocd-ish impulse to continue reading all the way through a piece. I hate putting a book down between chapters. If I start reading a cereal box, I don't stop until I've read every bit of text. When I read a form, I'm compelled to read all the fine print. People offering credit cards and other loop hole filled junk dislike this aspect of me. Even when reading mass published books, I find errors. They always jump out at me like they're printed in green or something. Could I be an editor? I tend to only notice grammar/spelling types of things. Not so much poor sentence structure althugh maybe with time that will begin to jump out too. Seems like editing requires both but I only excel at the one. Should I pursue such a career anyway? Right now I edit my friends' work for fun. It really is fun. Plus I get first crack at things which feels fancy.

I really feel like this is my thing but I have no idea how to go about making a living out of it.

le sigh.

Also I'm really good at helping people understand things via metaphor. That is something that I really have no clue how to make money off of. Maybe some sort of tutoring I guess...

it's been so long sine I posted I can't even remember what the last one was about. I'm ok with it, life's been busy here. And now, bed time.

Writer's Block: Fearsome

The boogeyman, global thermonuclear war, being forced to eat broccoli—there's a lot to be afraid of when you're a kid. What was your biggest childhood fear?
The dark, being singled out, being left alone (especially in the dark!). 

any post is better than no post

For some reason I really love this although I somehow doubt this kid will remember this happening on his own when he's older. He will remember because everyone will tell him the story over and over again throughout his childhood. Memories sure are weird like that.
Picture found here.

Today we sent out our cats' blood draws. Now, all that's left is to get their flights all set up for Japan. Oh and get those pesky orders. But I've decided if Anthony thinks this actually going to happen, then I may was well. And if it falls through, oh well.

I really want to go to Japan now that it's a possiblity. After many months of pretending like I didn't study Japanese for years, I'm suddenly drawn to it again. I'm playing my kanji game on my DS and I'm watching anime without subs, trying my hand at interpreting. The cobwebs seem to be shaking lose. I love the feeling. I realize I miss school. As much for the learning as for the meeting of most of my closest friends, I often wish I were back. Not single or anything I've never been so happy as with Anthony but it takes me years to make friends and when we move every 1.5 years that makes it rough.

I tried to get us over to our neighbors' house for a superbowl party they had last night.

"But you don't even like football and neither do I."

"Yeeaah" I said, "but if we're ever going to make friends, this is a good way to start."

"What's the point when we're leaving in less than 8 months anyway?"

I turned on the wii and we blew up tanks until halfway through the 3rd quarter of the game, then watched the thrilling end.

I don't know who's more right. We find ourselves sitting around being bored but since I have no good reason to talk to neighbors, I don't. I was never much for randomly stopping by anyone's place. 

I only hope that when we finally stay put somewhere for more than a year, we can start making friends and hanging out with other peoples.

Also, we're totally going to make a dress form out of me tonight. I'm excited.

About that ...

I got an email from the company president and they will be sending me in the snail mail an indexing aptitude test. To see if I would do well at all I guess. Maybe it will be similar to this?

And everyone needs to watch this Retelling of star wars by a chick who's never seen Star Wars. It's funny especially because I'd never seen Star Wars 4-6 untilbassist insisted I watch them all.

EDIT: My husband also insisted I watch them all. Along with a few friends in college. It wasn't until Ben and I were hanging out that I finally did it, though.


Other news

So that job I'm dying for? The one that said, we'll be contacting you by the end of the week?

They never got back to me. I've been obsessively checking my email all weekend. I just sent an email to the president since that's been my point of contact this whole time. And I hate calling people. So. I hope it's just that they're all space cadets and it's not that they decided I wasn't quite 'it.'

I'm so nervous and hopeful.

Also, I have complex cysts in my right ovary. One burst the other day. It was a 9 on the pain scale. Now, every time I have any sort of pelvic sensations (that aren't good) I'm terrified. The common solution is some combination of surgery and hormone therapy (usually via birth control). I'm not excited about that.

I AM EXCITED ABOUT DISNEYWORLD. More news about that as things are finalized. Disney is giving fantastic deals to military members. Free 5 day all inclusive passes to service members. And super cheap deals for dependents. Also sick discounts on rooms at the park. All of this combined with Anthony being out of school for the next 6 weeks means a trip is totally within our abilities.

I haven't been in forever. I haven't even been on a roller coaster in forever. I'm already planning out which rides we have to do at least twice. And lord knows we can't go to Disneyworld without going to Universal Studios. The Hulk ride? Spiderman 3-d? GAH! 

p.s. we might be going to Japan afterall.

So many things on the horizon. I'm loving it.

Writer's Block: Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Ox starts today. What is your Chinese zodiac animal? Do you think you fit the description of the sign?
I am an Ox! And this is definitely my year so far. And yes I do generally fit the description of an ox. I do sometimes wonder if that's from years of reading horoscopes and such and then internalizing what they tell me my sign is like. I usually find I couldn't imagine being any other way though. (and is couldn't not a word because my spell check always underlines it...)